Nico bouf

our director 


a digital artist from Paris blending creativity and technology. 

From crafting visual effects in Blade Runner 2049, American Gods and much more for BUF, to directing indie music videos, he's all about bringing ideas to life. 

Formerly involved in global events and fashion, he's now developing MUG: a mini web series (full 3D) !

Short version (for the lazy bastards): 

He's to art and animation what Einstein was to relativity and atomic bombs!

Matthieu Piat

our producer & founder 


Young, Passionate Producer. 

Experienced in international blockbusters like The Nun II, Boys in the Boat, and more working for BUF as a VFX producer.

Skilled in managing budgets, teams, and artistic challenges, all under tight deadlines. 

Committed to bringing unique projects to life on screen.

short version (for the lazy bastards again): 

awesome Young Producer, Turning Tight Deadlines into Blockbuster Brilliance!